Find Out What the World is Buzzing About via Twitter Location App

It’s Friday and raining in Los Angeles. Therefore, the entire city shut down and collective intelligence dwindled to only comprehending catchy phrases and pretty colors.

No better time than to discuss one of my new obsessions – Twitter’s Location Trending app. The app lets you quickly see the top ten or so trending topics, based by location. London. Seattle. New York City. Or via countries like the UK, Brazil and Mexico – even worldwide.

Sure. It’s got a ways to go (looks like only Western countries/cities at the moment) but a nifty tool considering it lets you get tap HIVEMINDS around the world in just a few clicks.

A quick glance today show’s most folks have gone mad for iPad and John Terry while other, but other intriguing topics are trending, depending on market including Juarez (Mexico), Friedrich Nietzche (Sao Paolo) and Black History Month (Los Angeles). Then there’s the adoption of weird conversations across different markets. #hospitalsongs. WTF?

Some may intrigue, while others may bring a smile. Either way, get into the habit of using this free tool to get a bead on trending topics in your core markets. Don’t be afraid to go beyond your own borders too. News doesn’t always start in your own backyard.


Diary of a London Man. History 3.0

The city of Westminster is digitizing the saucy diary of a 19 year old wharf clerk, circa 1846. This happy marriage of history and the Interwebs takes you through nearly a year of his life as a bachelor, working man and Londoner.

It tickles me when we’re able to experience bits of otherwise forgotten history halfway across the globe thanks to some brilliant folks in tweedy coats with an idea and a computer.

The City of Westminster (for those of you who don’t know, it’s central London and home to some of the biggest Landmarks in the world including Buckingham Palace and Parks Hyde, Regent’s and St. James) has a nifty Web site, complete with interactive map and sticky RSS. Subscribe? Yes, please.

Courtesy of my other love, Londonist.

Bleeding Edge. Google Maps Artist MashUp

editorsbeingabitsillyThings like this next post make me happy. Giddy in fact. The harmonious pairing of two simple viral concepts to create a brand new compelling experience – aka the Mash-Up – still remains at the top of my list. Take a look at UK band Editors and how they mashed static media, music and Google Maps to promote their new album. Genius. Granted, Editor aren’t my cup of tea, but the concept definitely is.

Full story via the amazing addicting Londonist blog here.