Are You Being Served? Britain High Court & Twitter

Sometimes it’s tough being the shiniest toy in the toy box. Eventually everyone is going to want to try you out. Move over Facebook. Twitter is the most recent social networking tool to get served, or rather, one of its fakers pretending he’s a lawyer. Seriously? That’s like trying to rob a cop. Do people really think these things through?

Dealing with fakers on the interwebs isn’t anything new, but the way it’s being done — by using the very tools the posers use — is genius. It’s so legit that Britain’s High Court is involved so we could see real change (read: modernization) made to the entire system. Brilliant? Scary? What’s next, texting? “”Uve bn Srvd.”

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NFL & Twitter, Part Deux

Stemming from the discussion about NFL and social media, file this next piece under the “pro” column. Fans got an update via Twitpic about Seattle Seahawks Matt Hasselbeck’s status after he took a heavy hit diving into the end zone Sunday night.

Is this a new evolution in sports PR? Ap Style and the bevy of approvals aside, the decision to use Twitter to issue a “statement” here is genius. We’d normally see a statement crawl out late Sunday night or Monday morning, but in this case, a simple Tweet and picture communicated all the fans and media needed to know. A smiling, waving Hasselbeck was going to be OK.

Once again, the genius here was the ability for Hesselbeck and his PR team to quickly huddle and use a low-frills, real-time social media tool to disseminate an important message. It’s about tools and execution. We many times overthink this.