AMC’s Mad Men. Classic Social Media.

madmen_standardLast year we all had Anime eyes over the Mad Men character Twitter profiles. I’ll gladly admit I used to get chills every time I’d get a Tweet from Betty or Peggy. You may have also fallen in love with brilliant Graphic Artist Dyna Moe. I know I sure did.  

The latest from AMC, “Mad Men Yourself,” is a sophisticated evolution of Simpsonize and Elf and like other “Yourself” experiences, allows consumers to simply create their own avatar using items from the show — all to the toe tapping hum of a smokey female crooner. 

This is hardly a whiz-bang reinvention of social media or remarkable triple-layered social media campaign. It IS brilliant however, in its simplicity.  It demonstrates that the people at AMC are listening. The Mad Men Yourself experience couldn’t be easier. You point, click and download a variety of different social media-friendly versions of your avatar begging to be shared. The timing is no coincidence either with the highly-anticipated third season kicking off in North America this Sunday. 

For the full Sterling Cooper experience, click here.

If you don’t follow Dyna Moe already, do.