Brit Is World’s Fastest Texter. Or. Get Ready to Feel Old and Slow.

I’m not sure whether or not this PR stunt was planned, but it seems a young woman in the UK is soon to be dubbed the world’s fastest texter and the people at Samsung have been quick to muster around their SWYPE keypad.

An impromptu challenge while shopping with her boyfriend near Manchester, UK had 27-year old Melissa Thompson text:

“the razor-toothed piranhas of the genera Serrasalmus and Pygocentrus are the most ferocious freshwater fish in the world. In reality they seldom attack a human”

Try it. You’ll soon feel like a neanderthal trying to text using a tomato. Ms. Thompson did it in just 25.94 seconds.

Europe trails only Asia in SMS usage and the US isn’t far behind. We’re talking billions of messages sent each month which is why Brits may knock out the rest of the competition. And the growth of mobile in the hands of parents and grandparents will only underline the need for easier, (read: arthritic-free) texting solutions. SWYPE may be onto something.

Will SWYPE kill QWERTY? Will consumers soon groan at having to pick up their fingers while typing the way we  criticize multi-touch keypads? Pressing a keypad three times to yield a single letter? I mean, REALLY.

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Are You Being Served? Britain High Court & Twitter

Sometimes it’s tough being the shiniest toy in the toy box. Eventually everyone is going to want to try you out. Move over Facebook. Twitter is the most recent social networking tool to get served, or rather, one of its fakers pretending he’s a lawyer. Seriously? That’s like trying to rob a cop. Do people really think these things through?

Dealing with fakers on the interwebs isn’t anything new, but the way it’s being done — by using the very tools the posers use — is genius. It’s so legit that Britain’s High Court is involved so we could see real change (read: modernization) made to the entire system. Brilliant? Scary? What’s next, texting? “”Uve bn Srvd.”

Full story here.

MSN King IM In the UK

In a word of rapid-fire Facebook Status updates, texts and Tweets, it’s easy to forget about the resilience of IM. Yes, Instant Messaging. Remember that? It’s the thing which first gave HR reps and productivity experts a headache in the 90’s but has managed to survive as a vital communication tool.

Skype, AOL, Yahoo! Messenger, Google Chat, MSN. Many to choose from, but according to Forrester STILL a vital communication tool. And if you’re in the UK, MSN is King.

Why? No doubt the ability to chat from virtually any phone, PDA or blackberry. IDEAL if you’re keeping the conversation away from the ‘rents, boss or teacher. Pocket convos anyone?