Diary of a London Man. History 3.0

The city of Westminster is digitizing the saucy diary of a 19 year old wharf clerk, circa 1846. This happy marriage of history and the Interwebs takes you through nearly a year of his life as a bachelor, working man and Londoner.

It tickles me when we’re able to experience bits of otherwise forgotten history halfway across the globe thanks to some brilliant folks in tweedy coats with an idea and a computer.

The City of Westminster (for those of you who don’t know, it’s central London and home to some of the biggest Landmarks in the world including Buckingham Palace and Parks Hyde, Regent’s and St. James) has a nifty Web site, complete with interactive map and sticky RSS. Subscribe? Yes, please.

Courtesy of my other love, Londonist.


Nielsen have just published their A2/M2 Three Screen Report, a compelling analysis of video consumption during one week for the average American.

Highlights (read: HOLYKAW!):
• Older Americans spend more time online than teens (teens/kids spend one fourth of adults’ Internet time)
• Teens with mobile are the heaviest users of mobile video, at 7-plus hours per month
• Older demos embrace new media – 63% OF Internet users and 39% of mobile video users are 35+
• 57% of Americans with home Internet access use TV and Internet simultaneously at least once a month

Nice summary via MediaWeek here:

Do you want to be cool or not?? AOL have published their similarly named Three Screen Nation Report, a look at what really influences John and Jane teenager — and more importantly how they spend their parent’s money