Maven or Wallflower? Does Your Company Leverage Social Media?

It’s been out a year, so if you haven’t put your company through the Engagementdb Quiz, you should.  Charlene Li and Altimeter have made it easy for you. Just fill out the 5 questions here to see where your company lands. Sweaty palms? Don’t worry. We all go through the “OK, how bad is my company REALLY?” dizzies.  Just picture this test like a Bandaid on  your arm.  Sooner or later,  you’re going to have to rip it off.

The brilliance is in the test’s simplicity.  Five questions. One not even about your company. So really 4 you’re responsible for, right?! Wrong.

Take the test, assess and figure out your next steps. You may not score high. That’s OK only if you immediately plan next steps. Chances are half your staff understand and use social media and the same goes for your brand managers on the client side. What does that mean for you and your clients? How can you activate that bevy of knowledge today and leverage during your next PR/Ad/Marketing campaign?

No excuses now, right? Go ahead, take the test. See where you measure up.