Stephen Fry: 1, Mankind: 0

I giggle and clap when the offline waltzes with the online, but practically turn to gelatinous  when it involves none other than the alabaster-tanned, sex-pot genius, Mr. Stephen Fry.

While Down Under promoting his autobiography, The Fry Chronicles, rumors have been rampant in Thames-land that Mr. Fry will nix his traditional book tour plans in place of multiple readings that are video-taped and prompted by his weapon of choice – Twitter.

Per The Evening Standard:

“Instead, for three nights only, he will sit sedately at the Royal Festival Hall and two other venues and read selected nuggets from his book under the gaze of video cameras. A live satellite link-up will then beam Fry to 60 cinemas where, the producers hope, up to 12,000 more fans will slap down a credit card in exchange for a non-ringside seat.”

Stephen is one of the most followed individuals on Twitter with his agog 1.6 million (that’s MILLION) followers. He also blogs, writes, acts, even can’t avoid some drama.

He’s like Madonna wrapped up in a ham sandwich.

He’s bound to sell millions of copies of his book after the readings, not to mention reap the rewards of the jovial McSwipes of just as many credit cards. Those who don’t make it to a virtual reading will no doubt Google his name, catapulting it to SEO superspace.

So how does the host of QI do it? Well, he IS a genius.

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Bleeding Edge. Google Maps Artist MashUp

editorsbeingabitsillyThings like this next post make me happy. Giddy in fact. The harmonious pairing of two simple viral concepts to create a brand new compelling experience – aka the Mash-Up – still remains at the top of my list. Take a look at UK band Editors and how they mashed static media, music and Google Maps to promote their new album. Genius. Granted, Editor aren’t my cup of tea, but the concept definitely is.

Full story via the amazing addicting Londonist blog here.

Marketing Alternatif, Alternative Marketing

File it under #newblogcrush, check out the very eclectic Marketing Alternatif, a brilliant blog about every kind of marketing spanning online and viral to in-store and on street. Little gems like these make a Friday glow.

Happy Weekend!

“Tom Hanks Me Ol’ Dutch Plate For Using Bank Machine”

Spotted in the wild, Bank Machine have executed a brilliant PR campaign promoting its ATM cash machines by offering a Cockney language option.  Now you can enter your “Huckleberry Finn” (PIN) and choose whether you want a receipt or no receipt with your “Sausage and Mash” (CASH).

It’s a reminder that PR campaigns are most effective when leveraging both the on- and offline.  It appears only a handful of ATM’s are actually equipped with the clever lingo, but the buzz has already reached well beyond the UK’s borders, making headlines in virtually every corner of the globe.

Full article here, courtesy of Nick Burcher: