Milk It. How a British Dairy Rap Video Garnered 1.5 Million Views

A dairy milk rap video has taken the UK by storm, garnering 1.5 million views since it’s X-Factor time-slot debut.  The brilliant brave ad is a cleverly penned rap video about an organic dairy, containing all the head-bopping and swagger of the real thing. The video was directed by a real-life LA-based music video artist, promotes Yeo Valley, a farm located in the West Country of the UK. Backed by a catchy ditty, the rap  features hydraulic tractors, “Daisy” the cow and  former Britain’s Next Top Model winner Alexandra Evans.

After its debut during the X-Factor, a digital battlecry for MORE on social networks and Twitter prompted the powers-that-be to put the track up on iTunes where it’s garnered 81 reviews. Rumor has it this could catapult the song into the  coveted #1 slot this Christmas.

Yeo Valley’s social media footprint is remarkable (it’s a dairy, remember?), with an active Twitter, Facebook, YouTube (ahem, YeoTube) channel and interactive website.

Social media is reaching new territories and industries (including some of the oldest in mankind), demonstrating it’s truly an organic (pun, sorry) and ever-evolving medium.

For those of you looking for a best-in-class use of social media, consider your local dairy.


#Olympics Use Social Media To Connect Crews, Athletes and Fans

Whether you’re an athlete, fan or one of the thousands of crew in Vancouver, chances are you’re using social media to stay connected during these Olympic Games.

Thanks to Samsung and their clever WOW service, everyone will be connected via the mobile network – preferably via the new Samsung Mythic and track everything from medal counts to snow storms.

NBC’s Web site offers a slick portal to track just about anything Olympian with widgets, RSS, socnets, blogs and more including their slick “Olympic Pulse” Tweet Sheet which offers a real-time stream right from the athletes. Now may be your chance to find out what Shaun White eats for breakfast. Victory Wheaties?

For everything else, track Olympics on Twitter using @Olympics or hashtags #olympics and #vancouver.

Virgin America Saves Endangered Pups. Or, I Heart Richard Branson Part Deux

My love for Sir Ricky B continues…

I’m a huge fan of Virgin America and their latest animal-rescue program, Operation Chihuahua.

They’ve brilliantly partnered with local and national animal rescue organizations like the ASPCA to help safely fly pups from California to their new homes on the East Coast, including NYC.

For us PR/MarComs, the jokes always been to try to include babies or puppies. It’s nice to see a PR program doing so in a completely authentic way.

I’m a cat person, but I can’t deny checking every Facebook update about “Maximus,” a lil’ guy who just arrived in NYC. I may have had a tear in the eye when VA posted a video of “Maximus” on his flight as a thank you.

VA have a top-notch social networking team, brilliantly leveraging FB and Twitter to promote the program beyond just pet enthusiasts. Their page launched last year and they’ve already garnered 50,000 loyal fans. Keep in mind this is completely different from Virgin Atlantic enthusiasts.

Americans typically travel more so domestically than internationally and it’s a rarity when we’re able to feel we’re getting a flight of passport quality. Jet Blue used to deliver warm and fuzzy back in the 2000’s, but with the economy and embarrassing cut backs in the entire flight experience, many of us can’t name an airline we don’t hate, let along friend on Facebook. Virgin America is schooling the competition and other North American carriers better pay attention.

Social Media & The Military

In honor of the world’s service men and women and Veterans Day in the US, I wanted to do a piece devoted to social media and the military.

The US is still reeling from last week’s tragedy and leveraging both offline and online networks for comfort and a greater sense of community. Not surprisingly, the military community (families and soldiers included) relied on social media – namely Twitter – for the latest real-time information. In fact, it wasn’t long before both media departments and other social media channels like Facebook were flooded with anxious consumers.

I wonder if Biz Stone knew he was creating quite possibly the biggest communication tool next to the Internet and telephone. Whether a natural, political or human-related disaster, consumers (and we’re talking social media novices included) have gone from asking “what is Twitter” to “what is Twitter saying?”

Increasingly, military community social networks are cropping up. Those with a business model to supplement – not substitute – big dogs like Facebook or Twitter will surely find a strong foothold. MyVetwork is a great example.

“MyVetwork as the first-ever, custom designed social network we will build together, for ourselves and those who follow, and to honor those before us,” says founder and retired Marine John R. Campbell.

MyghettoSpace? Nielsen Says Class Determines Your SocNet

#hardlyasurprise, a new study from Nielsen reveals your social networking preference may all come down to your age and a college degree. That and chicks now dominate Twitter.


Full story here.

Are You Being Served? Britain High Court & Twitter

Sometimes it’s tough being the shiniest toy in the toy box. Eventually everyone is going to want to try you out. Move over Facebook. Twitter is the most recent social networking tool to get served, or rather, one of its fakers pretending he’s a lawyer. Seriously? That’s like trying to rob a cop. Do people really think these things through?

Dealing with fakers on the interwebs isn’t anything new, but the way it’s being done — by using the very tools the posers use — is genius. It’s so legit that Britain’s High Court is involved so we could see real change (read: modernization) made to the entire system. Brilliant? Scary? What’s next, texting? “”Uve bn Srvd.”

Full story here.

Yeah, no. Bubbye Beacon.

If you’ve been under a rock, then you haven’t heard the latest about the $9.5 MILLION slap on the wrist for Facebook nun_ruler1and “big brother Beacon.”

From PC World:
“The proposed settlement, announced late on Friday, calls not only for Facebook to discontinue Beacon, but also back the creation of an independent foundation devoted to promoting online privacy, safety and security. The money for the foundation will come from a US$9.5 million settlement fund.”

As if the water of paranoia wasn’t muddy already…Thanks to Beacon, we can rightly compare consumer trust to the Ganges.