Brit Is World’s Fastest Texter. Or. Get Ready to Feel Old and Slow.

I’m not sure whether or not this PR stunt was planned, but it seems a young woman in the UK is soon to be dubbed the world’s fastest texter and the people at Samsung have been quick to muster around their SWYPE keypad.

An impromptu challenge while shopping with her boyfriend near Manchester, UK had 27-year old Melissa Thompson text:

“the razor-toothed piranhas of the genera Serrasalmus and Pygocentrus are the most ferocious freshwater fish in the world. In reality they seldom attack a human”

Try it. You’ll soon feel like a neanderthal trying to text using a tomato. Ms. Thompson did it in just 25.94 seconds.

Europe trails only Asia in SMS usage and the US isn’t far behind. We’re talking billions of messages sent each month which is why Brits may knock out the rest of the competition. And the growth of mobile in the hands of parents and grandparents will only underline the need for easier, (read: arthritic-free) texting solutions. SWYPE may be onto something.

Will SWYPE kill QWERTY? Will consumers soon groan at having to pick up their fingers while typing the way we  criticize multi-touch keypads? Pressing a keypad three times to yield a single letter? I mean, REALLY.

Full story here.


#Olympics Use Social Media To Connect Crews, Athletes and Fans

Whether you’re an athlete, fan or one of the thousands of crew in Vancouver, chances are you’re using social media to stay connected during these Olympic Games.

Thanks to Samsung and their clever WOW service, everyone will be connected via the mobile network – preferably via the new Samsung Mythic and track everything from medal counts to snow storms.

NBC’s Web site offers a slick portal to track just about anything Olympian with widgets, RSS, socnets, blogs and more including their slick “Olympic Pulse” Tweet Sheet which offers a real-time stream right from the athletes. Now may be your chance to find out what Shaun White eats for breakfast. Victory Wheaties?

For everything else, track Olympics on Twitter using @Olympics or hashtags #olympics and #vancouver.

#FINALLY Foursquare for BlackBerry

Last week, the long awaited Foursquare mobile app was made available to BlackBerry users.

Must we take it seriously? Hell, yes. Just look at the numbers.

In North America, for example, the iPhone accounts for 65% of mobile usage, while the DROID and BlackBerry are at 8% and rising. In Europe, the iPhone accounts for 46% of mobile usage, while the DROID and BlackBerry are at 3% and rising. Source: Quantcast Mobile Report

At first blush, it may seem too small a number to consider when looking at Big Daddy iPhone, but we’re talking about potentially reaching tens of millions, not forgetting Asia and Oceania where BlackBerry usage is even greater. Also consider London, LA and NYC were some of the biggest users of Foursquare even before the BlackBerry app.

Think about the typical BlackBerry user. We either own our own device out of necessity or have it assigned to us for work purposes. Why? To remain “plugged-in” while on-the-go. Will the urge to “check-in” from our favorite lunch meeting spot be too hard to resist? Only time will tell.

For now, I recommend signing up and trying out the Beta. It may not be perfect for all of your clients, but certainly something you’ll want to bring to the next board meeting.

Here’s a hint. It rhymes with “mobile.”

Okay, I really need to use Foursquare a lot more. And be nicer to people. It seems customer relationships, mobile social networks and community platforms are three topics soothsayer and Web strategist Jeremiah Owyang’s readers would most like to hear more about in the new year.

So if marketing/PR, gadget heads and journos clamor for info about the next big thing…does that necessarily make it the next big thing? Facebook and Twitter are two examples of “big things” that didn’t get the red carpet rolled out for them on arrival. Know why? Because consumers drove the success while we were still trying to navigate MySpace.

Now should a significant number of average consumers participated in this survey, we should be all ears.

Wicked graph here.

Nielsen have just published their A2/M2 Three Screen Report, a compelling analysis of video consumption during one week for the average American.

Highlights (read: HOLYKAW!):
• Older Americans spend more time online than teens (teens/kids spend one fourth of adults’ Internet time)
• Teens with mobile are the heaviest users of mobile video, at 7-plus hours per month
• Older demos embrace new media – 63% OF Internet users and 39% of mobile video users are 35+
• 57% of Americans with home Internet access use TV and Internet simultaneously at least once a month

Nice summary via MediaWeek here:

Do you want to be cool or not?? AOL have published their similarly named Three Screen Nation Report, a look at what really influences John and Jane teenager — and more importantly how they spend their parent’s money

Thump Factor. New Razorfish Digital Outlook Report

Grab a coffee or tea and a half hour if you’ve got it. Compelling stats in the new Digital Outlook Report from Razorfish. If you’ve only got a few ticks, flip to the section on mobile and the top apps to watch. A must read for you and the boss.

Mobile Entertainment Forum: Mobile Industry “Quietly Confident”

Despite the down economy, things are looking up for the mobile industry. How? The folks over at the Mobile Entertainment Forum can give you $32bn reasons.

Excerpt from the MEF Press Office via Andrew Bud, Global Chair:
“A 6% increase in the predicted growth of the market since the beginning of the year shows that despite a general downturn and a degree of belt-tightening in some areas, any remaining uncertainty is offset by a sense of optimism within the industry looking forward. This quiet confidence and positive outlook suggests that we are going to see some exciting opportunities developing within our industry.”

Full article here.