Social Media Predictions Are Crap. Get Your Own Voice.

If one thing is clear, you can bet the farm 2010 will be another year of social media “parroting.”

WHAT HAPPENED?! We all chose social media for a reason. Besides the fact that we prefer jeans and don’t “do” mornings, we love individuality. Creativity. We’re misfits!!! Links, track-backs and re-tweets aside, why the cloning? We preach authenticity to our clients, yet many fail to maintain an iota of individuality, espesh when it comes to the attractive bullety round-up.

Consumers are smart. Smarter than they’ve ever been about social media and PR/Marketing. Brand managers can Google. Finding trend predictions is easy. Google search “social media trends 2010” and you get 1,000,000+ results. Srsly?

Dare I ask…Shouldn’t we have been trend-spotting the entire time?

Demonstrating to a prospective client that you have a sound, individual POV all year long builds your self equity, separates you from the salmon and could earn you that new biz phoner. We all know Q4 is a crap time anyway and all this trend gobbledygook makes it noisy for any CMO or Corp. Comm to navigate – even if they were checking email. What if you’d predicted these trends three months ago? Or waited until 2nd/3rd week in January?

New Years Resolution: Break out those faded jeans and take a walk around your noggin’. Focus on an area of social media and OWN it. It’s gotten too big and the days of claiming to be a soothsayer of the whole universe are gone.


Mobile Entertainment Forum: Mobile Industry “Quietly Confident”

Despite the down economy, things are looking up for the mobile industry. How? The folks over at the Mobile Entertainment Forum can give you $32bn reasons.

Excerpt from the MEF Press Office via Andrew Bud, Global Chair:
“A 6% increase in the predicted growth of the market since the beginning of the year shows that despite a general downturn and a degree of belt-tightening in some areas, any remaining uncertainty is offset by a sense of optimism within the industry looking forward. This quiet confidence and positive outlook suggests that we are going to see some exciting opportunities developing within our industry.”

Full article here.