Nielsen have just published their A2/M2 Three Screen Report, a compelling analysis of video consumption during one week for the average American.

Highlights (read: HOLYKAW!):
• Older Americans spend more time online than teens (teens/kids spend one fourth of adults’ Internet time)
• Teens with mobile are the heaviest users of mobile video, at 7-plus hours per month
• Older demos embrace new media – 63% OF Internet users and 39% of mobile video users are 35+
• 57% of Americans with home Internet access use TV and Internet simultaneously at least once a month

Nice summary via MediaWeek here:

Do you want to be cool or not?? AOL have published their similarly named Three Screen Nation Report, a look at what really influences John and Jane teenager — and more importantly how they spend their parent’s money


MyghettoSpace? Nielsen Says Class Determines Your SocNet

#hardlyasurprise, a new study from Nielsen reveals your social networking preference may all come down to your age and a college degree. That and chicks now dominate Twitter.


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