Can Social Media Fast-Track Your Career in Mar/Comms?

The promotion of NBC Page Alumn Ryan Osborn to Director of Social Media for NBC News is inspiring.

Here’s a guy who started off no doubt spending his early days fetching coffee, picking up dry cleaning and organizing the social calendar for very, very busy execs. Eight years of sore feet and thankless hours, plus several years in the trenches as a top producer, and he’s gone from blazer to boardroom.

It’s safe to say his days of Ramen are over.

The industry-wide clamour for digital media has made those with event a glint of aptitude coveted soothsayers. One could even argue that social media is the easiest way to fast-track your career in Mar/Comms. Before you start signing up for an online course, understand that just like any other specialty area, you still need years of experience to do it WELL.

Digital media prowess isn’t born overnight. It takes years to learn and master only to have a new app, gadget or regulation reform turn the industry on its head. You have to be ready for that. You have to be ready for a demanding, heavy workload (because, let’s face it, we are still few in numbers).

For those of you who work with digital media mavens, consider grabbing them a free coffee, cookie or just saying thanks. It’s no surprise that you’ll often find a very passionate, creative soul behind your average digital media professional who spends many off-hours trolling the feeds, spends their own cash for the latest gadgets and hours of patience teaching colleagues how to speak the “language.” Nobody asks them to do it, but for many of us, it’s an investment and one we bring into your brainstorm last-minute amazing strategy session.

So props to Ryan, who I don’t know, but share a kinship love for digital media. And props to NBC for recognizing the talent among it’s own hallways and giving a guy a chance.


#Olympics Use Social Media To Connect Crews, Athletes and Fans

Whether you’re an athlete, fan or one of the thousands of crew in Vancouver, chances are you’re using social media to stay connected during these Olympic Games.

Thanks to Samsung and their clever WOW service, everyone will be connected via the mobile network – preferably via the new Samsung Mythic and track everything from medal counts to snow storms.

NBC’s Web site offers a slick portal to track just about anything Olympian with widgets, RSS, socnets, blogs and more including their slick “Olympic Pulse” Tweet Sheet which offers a real-time stream right from the athletes. Now may be your chance to find out what Shaun White eats for breakfast. Victory Wheaties?

For everything else, track Olympics on Twitter using @Olympics or hashtags #olympics and #vancouver.