Jet Blue and Southwest Vie for New England Travelers

A Beantown native might compare the competition between airline carriers Jet Blue and Southwest 

to an average BU/BC game. Both companies, known for mass customer appeal, seasonal discounts and quirks are now using the same New England airspace, starting first in California, then NYC and now, Boston.

Once a discount (“sure I’ll take 4 connections”) student traveler, imagine just how cut-throat it will get during student travel season, especially when you consider nearly one third of Boston residents are not residents at all — really students who call the Boston, MA home for no more than 8 months a year. I used to be one of them.

Known for their social media prowess (in good and bad) and unique in-flight entertainment, both airlines will no doubt pull out all the stops when it comes to attracting the discount-hungry, digital savvy 18-24 demo as they look to score the best deal.  Something to watch.

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