Facebook Fairytales Share Real Stories

Being in the trenches of MAR/COMS, it’s sometimes difficult to take a step back from the branded CPMs and recognize the incredible things happening in ordinary lives — made possible by ordinary people — thanks to the power of social networks.

I was pleasantly reminded of this when reading an interview with Facebook Fairytales author Emily Einhorn Liebert. Liebert’s book is stacked full of 25 heartwarming (some tragic) stories of amazing reunions, love stories, adoptions that have been made possible thanks to Facebook.

You can learn more about Leibert and her book, Facebook Fairytales in her own group. Why do I get the feeling we’ll see her on Oprah?

The next time you’re wrapped up in the latest political dust-up, celebrity scandal or international crisis, it might do you good to pick up a copy.


One Response to “Facebook Fairytales Share Real Stories”

  1. Emily Liebert Says:

    Thanks Jessica!! 🙂 I’m ready for Oprah! (I was interviewed and on the homepage of the website…but the TV show would be even better!)

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