Social Media & Higher Education: 2

Browsing around Apple’s homepage, I stumbled upon this nice ditty about the University of Washington’s campus-wide Wi-Fi. On-campus Internet access isn’t new, but the stats attached to them (iPhone OS accounts for 90% of UofW’s Wi-Fi use) made me think more about social media and education.

If you’re looking for a hotbed of social media innovation, take a walk around your nearest college or university. Buzz about in the student union and if you’re brave enough, try to chat up a few students about their likes/dislikes. You may hear words like free, on-demand, mobile-friendly and multi-lingual mentioned. Aside from them being your current or future consumer, they are part of the future global workforce which frankly demand Web ubiquity.

Share some Cheetos, take some notes and consider leveraging this during your next pitch or Shareholders do. Targeting college/young entrepreneurs? Hiring? Re-inventing your brand? You might not find another plugged-in group that will work for a few bucks — or free Starbucks.

You WILL feel old, but not in the boardroom.


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