Human, We Are

Reading the latest post from mummy blogger Jo Beaufoix gave me pause today. Regulations and product reviews aside, Jo’s latest post – a heartfelt open letter to a friend – reminded me about just what makes mum bloggers (and mom bloggers) unique, powerful, human. No matter how many books they write, successful enterprises they launch or panels they lead, they are women first. Personal connections and family are numero uno in the priority department and it’s vital for we marketing and PR folks to remember that.

The cost for entry nowadays goes well beyond reading a post or two. We must demonstrate we’ve done our homework and taken an investment in recognizing a potential opportunity that will truly benefit them and their family. Know when – and when NOT – to pitch. Take the time to reach out to them even if you’ve got nothing to say other than a quick hello. Take a page out of your mother’s handbook and turn an email into a casual letter. Recognize that they live busy lives – and many publicly – often marked by significant events both positive and negative.

Thanks Jo.


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