Social Media & The Military

In honor of the world’s service men and women and Veterans Day in the US, I wanted to do a piece devoted to social media and the military.

The US is still reeling from last week’s tragedy and leveraging both offline and online networks for comfort and a greater sense of community. Not surprisingly, the military community (families and soldiers included) relied on social media – namely Twitter – for the latest real-time information. In fact, it wasn’t long before both media departments and other social media channels like Facebook were flooded with anxious consumers.

I wonder if Biz Stone knew he was creating quite possibly the biggest communication tool next to the Internet and telephone. Whether a natural, political or human-related disaster, consumers (and we’re talking social media novices included) have gone from asking “what is Twitter” to “what is Twitter saying?”

Increasingly, military community social networks are cropping up. Those with a business model to supplement – not substitute – big dogs like Facebook or Twitter will surely find a strong foothold. MyVetwork is a great example.

“MyVetwork as the first-ever, custom designed social network we will build together, for ourselves and those who follow, and to honor those before us,” says founder and retired Marine John R. Campbell.


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