#ViralPRGenius. Oprah Flash Mob

Filed under viral PR genius, check out this video of a 21,000+ strong flashmob performing a sick choreographed Black Eyed Peas dance for Oprah — all to launch the 24th season. Over the weekend, more than 1 million people viewed it on YouTube, Tweeted and Facebooked their reaction to the nearly 4-minute long dance and 7-minute long feature on the show. Add that to the millions of daytime viewers and it doesn’t take a CPM calculator to recognize the cost of that on-air and online real-estate.

Now that Oprah has given Flashmobs her nod of approval, can we still call them viral? We saw it with Ashton, CNN and Twitter. Has the mere celebration of this compelling, highly addictive, visual movement pushed it too far mainstream?

I hope not.


One Response to “#ViralPRGenius. Oprah Flash Mob”

  1. David Says:

    Oprah embodies ‘viral’. I wish there was a cure for ‘Oprah’.

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